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KernSafe SuperSAN is an advanced and powerful iSCSI Target software for Mac OS X, which can quickly make MacPro, iMac, Mac Mini and even MacBook Pro become iSCSI SAN. Being a full-featured iSCSI SAN software which supports powerful authorization methods include CHAP, Mutual CHAP and IP Address authorization, SuperSAN not only supports a variety of media types such as Standard Image File, VHD, volumes, and physical disks, but also support many features for enterprise such as SCSI-3 for clustering, Synchronous / Asynchronous Replication, High Availability, Snapshot and CDP. The product is an ideal choice for storage solution in enterprise and home user.

INetDisk Is a Virtualized disk mapping software,it can map some disk/RAID disks on a computer, but the disk source is a disk or a image file on another computer. The virtual disk which you load on your own computer can be used as usual as local. It is fast, safe, reliable and convenient.

INetDisk provides the convenience of protecting all files and folders on the server's disk. You can set three kinds of models for the disk to be visited( full access,protect,or refuse ). The protected option allow the file and folder on disks to be unrenameable, unmovable, full access option can allow client machines to do anything arbitrarily. The refused options make the data on the disk inaccessible. The client machines which will load the share disk service must be in the scope of the trusty IP list which you setting on server.

The mapping disk is exactly the same as the source disks on the server, we can use it as same as local disk, for example partition, format or do some file operations. But all the operations only work locally, do not affect the server, when your server's disk is in protected access mode.

Compared to iSCSI, INetDisk also provides a virtual write technology. What is the virtual write mean that the user may carry on some operations (read, write, etc) while using the disks, but all operations only affect himself/herself rather than affect the others using same source disks. And all the operations are transparent to users.