Executive Team

Charles Khalimde


Charles Khalimde is a co-founder of FlexSDS who created it in 2016 and oversees the full company management as well as research and development departments while providing technological guidance for the company’s product development. Charles’s vision is to establish FlexSDS as the number one storage software in the field of HPC period.

Charles has over 20 years of operational management experience, including 14 years in high performance computing and data storage. He has also provided technical advice on high performance computing and HPC storage for many years. In addition, advanced HIGH-PERFORMANCE computing continues to benefit from Charles’ extensive knowledge of accumulated industry experience, including banking, AI/ML and Bigdata as well as any-K Video and various vertical technologies. Charles made his home in Singapore.

Sophia Lau


Sophia is responsible for all financial activities at FlexSDS and as a team-oriented leader known for coordinating financial and business metrics to support business strategy and growth, Sophia is passionate about building a diverse and collaborative work environment where employees thrive.
As an experienced executives, Sophia has nearly 20 years of business analysis, accounting, financial planning and management experience, he worked at Microsoft as sales manager, later became KernSafe chief financial officer, where he was responsible for the company‘s financing, guiding the rapid growth of the company’s revenue and profitability, to expand in Europe and Asia, and merger and acquisition activity.

John Coyle


John is responsible for product strategy, design, roadmap, and go-to-market, and driving the commercial success of FlexSDS’s product portfolio.
Prior to FlexSDS, John ran product and marketing at EMC, as well as product marketing at VMware.

John has extensive experience in leading companies through technology change. He has served leading companies in AI/ML, Bigdata, Cloud/Edge Computing and healthcare sectors. He is an expert at deploying cutting-edge technology practices including agile, cloud, big data, and design thinking.



Andrew is the senior sales director for FlexSDS’s HPC storage product line and has over 15 years of experience in application-driven clustering and storage solution architecture. Andrew is a recognized expert in high performance storage solutions. His expertise includes custom HPC Linux storage clusters utilizing the latest FlexSDS all-flash storage, distributed storage and Mellanox network technology, high-performance parallel storage solutions utilizing BeeGFS, GPFS, Lustre and Panasas; Distributed file system is a file system software and hardware solution specially built based on ZFS, Hadoop and object storage. Joe is one of the partners in Advanced High Performance Computing. He lives in Singapore.

Michel Demare

Market Director

Michel Demare joined FlexSDS as company director in 2016. He directs the Digital Sales & Marketing and Channel Marketing & Business Development divisions of FlexSDS and is responsible for optimizing the company’s market share and for creating strategic partnerships with clients, distributors and resellers, and other solution providers. Previously, Mr. Michel was a Enterprise Storage Product Sales Manager at HPE