In today’s competitive market climate, where downtime costs can run very big, reliable data storage and recovery systems are essential. Businesses also face the challenge of managing vast and increasing amounts of data, across a variety of data storage systems and operating environments, and in various locations. At the same time, they must optimize the use of storage hardware resources and minimize the management burden.To address these needs, FlexSDS scale-out storage software provides the enterprise class performance that’s associated with storage system based replication, while delivering resilient business continuity. FlexSDS provides a powerful data management and recovery solution that replicates mission critical data to one or more remote sites.

In spite of FlexSDS provides replications between multiple replicated data copies, which create strong consistency replication inside storage cluster (between storage nodes), FlexSDS also provides ways to create replication over storage volume to a different site.

Benefits of the replication service:
* Accessibility: If FlexSDS cluster fails or become inaccessible, other site members can continue access to it’s replicated volumes.
* Distributed Access: Data can be located in several physical sites.
* Data Backup: Data will be automatically backup to remote replicated volume, it Is a form of data disaster recovery.

Transport will use standard IP SAN protocol including:
iSER (iSCSI RDMA Extension, RDMA)
That could support any third-party (confirmed to the standard) IP SAN servers.

Replication feature:
Replication service is based on FlexSDS storage volume.
Replication service is working in polling mode and working inside the FlexSDS engine, zero data copy (over CPU) in RDMA mode.
No limitation in number of replication service on a volume.
Replication service could be sync replication or async replication over WLAN.