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FlexSDS Scale-out Storage

Highly performance optimized SDS solution

The All-Flash Scale-out Storage Software

FlexSDS Scale-out storage software is a reliable, high performance and distributed block level storage solution which is true scale out (1-1024) and lowest TCO in the world. The distribute storage solution is designed as Server-SAN which provides full functional in iSCSI , iSER and NVMe over Fabrics transport, fully support for a verity of virtualization platform like VMWare, Hyper-v Citrix XenServer and Openstack-Qemu-KVM based HCI systems.

FlexSDS Scale-out storage software is designed and high performance optimized for all-flash appliance, fully support for NVMe kernel-bypass, RDMA, and  traditional hardware (TCP, SATA / SAS disks).

What is FlexSDS product?

  • Software Defined Storage solution for All-Flash (NVMe, RDMA) and traditional hardware (TCP, SATA / SAS).
  • Single node and multiple nodes scale-out storage software.
  • iSCSI, iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) and NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) target software.
  • High availability (multi-copies, auto-recovery) storage software.
  • NVMe full stack kernel-bypass (end-to-end NVMe) solution.

Key Features

  • Scale-out and Scale-up

    Working as single node mode and  1-1024 nodes scale-out mode, storage and performance linger scale-up by adding more hardware.

  • Rich Protocols

    Provide multiple poplar interfaces in the storage world:

    iSCSI, iSER and NVMe-oF

  • High Performance

    Highly optimized storage stack with completely own advanced scheduler for getting high bandwidth, high IOPS (concurrent I/Os) and extreme low latency (less than 80 μs) .

  • Software Define Storage

    Manage disks to be pooled, arbitrary dynamic blocks,  export logical volumes with zero-copy snapshots to business server through iSCSI, iSER and NVMe over Fabrics.

  • High Availibilty

    Providing never down (99.999%) reliability high availability solution storage service for business servers by through multi-copies, lock-free-auto-recovery.

  • WEB Management

    Provide easy-to-install package and WEB based centralized management for multiple servers, set up a SDS storage cluster in few minutes.

FlexSDS Scale-out Server-SAN is software only and easy-to-install solution which can be easily installed into any x86 based machines, by providing a full-featured web based management system, user only need a few minutes to build one node or a multi-nodes storage cluster.

FlexSDS is also designed for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution, it can be deployed as HCI mode and Server-SAN mode:

For HCI mode, FlexSDS can be installed together with virtualization solution like KVM/Qemu based, one server node can offer both storage and compute service at the same time.
For Server-SAN mode, FlexSDS will work as distributed IP SAN storage and offer data service to other servers via iSCSI, iSER and NVMe-oF.

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