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Pre-Sales FAQs

There are general questions and answers about pricing, licensing and purchasing, please visit Purchase FAQ page for more Q/A.


There are most frequently asked  questions and answers about using FlexSDs scale-out storage, please visit FlexSDS FAQ page for more Q/A.


Install the product is very easy, you can run installer in the product package, which will take you only one minute, please refer to the guide of the product page.

The product will use one or more CPU core to run it in polling mode which will use 100% of its utilization, please do not think it is an issue.

Each Server Pool will use one dedicate CPU core. If you want to use it in virtual machine, the virtual machine must have two or more CPU cores.

If you don’t change main part of the hardware like CPU, Boot Disk, and NiCs, the license will keep available  on your machine, otherwise you can use the existing license to install (activating) again.

If you want to change whole machine, you can just remove the exiting license and then install the license on to another machine. Just do not long time run the license on two or more machine at the same time is no problem.

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