FlexSDS released high performance optimized SDS stack for hybrid or all flash arrays

FlexSDS, the global recognized in high performance software defined storage period, has announced a new release of it’s software stack 2018 for Flash Arrays.

FlexSDS brings its own developed core service which is a high performance optimized, lock-less scheduler (like a OS) to manage all resources in the server includes:
CPU, memory, storage, PCI devices and numa, which is working in polling mode and make full usage of hardware resource to perform maximum performance for storage service.

FlexSDS brings user mode NVMe driver (Kernel-by-pass) to support directly attached, RAID pool and SDS Pool, SDS Pool allows to create multiple volumes to be exposed as high availability, snapshot enabled iSCSI target, iSER target or NVMe-oF target.


Key features:

100% SDS Pool which can manage all disks and make them as pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes with unlimited zero-copies snapshot enabled.
Polling mode server pool, listening to multiple NICs and ports.
Protocol Support: iSCSI (TCP), iSER (iSCSI Extension for RDMA) and NVMe-oF (NVMe over Fabric).
High Availability and Remote mirror: All interfaces (iSCSI, iSER, and NVMe-oF) support HA.
Kernel-by-pass, completely kernel-by-pass and zero data copy in I/O path (except latency disk support).
Non-SDS Pool, providing directly attached, RAID (0, 1, 5) mode storage pool.
Legacy device support, support for SATA/SAS HDD and SSD.
Data safety, strong consistency I/Os return back after safely placed in Disks.
Easy Management, providing easy-to-use, all-in-on and centralized WEB management platform.

Almost no limitation to use FlexSDS, FlexSDS can be working on All Flash Array, and as well as working on traditional SATA/SAS arrays, user can use even 1-2 NVMe to get the benefits of the kernel-by-pass performance.

FlexSDS software defined storage is now available for End-Users and OEM partners in all around of the world.