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Create Storage Pool

Storage Pool 100% SDS component of FlexSDS scale-out storage software, which can manage all blocks and make them as pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilized by any clients. These volumes are allowed to create unlimited and zero-copy snapshots. Storage Pool provides ways for building data in redundancy and scale-up, performance scaled by adding more devices.

Each volume can be attached to an iSCSI, iSER or NVMe-oF target.

Follow the steps below to create a Storage Pool:

Step 1. Select Storage Pools in the left panel of the FlexSDS Scale-out Storage Management Platform and click Add link. The Create Storage Pool Wizard shows.

Type Storage Pool Name

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2. Specify data copies.

Data-Copies is the data redundancy method in a Storage Pool. User can specify Mini-Copes and Data-Copies, Mini-Copies means the minimum copies must be satisfied during the cluster running, if not (during node or disk fault), some I/O will fault. While Data-Copies means the cluster normal working, there are how many copies of data.

Note: Mini-Copies must be less than or equal to the Data-Copies, if Mini-Copies equal to the Data-Copies, the storage pool will not support high availability (any fault will result in I/O fault). Data-Copies must be larger than or equal to the server nodes count (or total disk count for single node mode) of the cluster.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 3. Finish Creating Storage Pool.

Review the detailed information in the text box, user can press the Previous button to go back for changing.

Press the Finish button to create the storage pool.

Storage Pool Management Interface

After create storage pool successfully, the storage pool will be shown in the management console as follows:

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