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FlexSDS Storage Pool

Storage pool is 100% our self research and developed key component of the FlexSDS. That is 100% fully software defined storage concept .

The bedrock of FlexSDS is full user space, polling mode, asynchronous, lock-free and kernel-bypass (user mode NVMe driver and RDMA), the storage pool it self is also designed as asynchronous, lock-free and kernel-bypass, which benefits by coroutine technology, to support high I/O concurrency.

The storage pool is full block stack as a user mode component that performs manage more disks to be arbitrary dynamic blocks objects, in this case, user can arbitrarily manage multiple volumes (thin, logged, raw) . The storage pool supports data redundancy trough multi-copies (SDS) and RAID technology, user also can create unlimited and zero copy snapshots on the SDS storage pool.

In clustering mode, multiple storage pools are paralleled working, each storage pool has its own logical leader.

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