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Backend Device Setting

Device path types

FlexSDS back-end support both traditional and NVMe kernel-bypass devices. For traditional SAS or SATA devices, device path can be /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc and also /dev/nvme0n1, for enable NVMe kernel-bypass feature, device path can be nvme://0000:05:00.0, the 0000:05:00.0 is PCI address of the NVMe device, user can use the following command to obtain NVMe PCI address:

lspci | grep Non


User can add more device in one time by using init command, and user can also use pdsh to setup more nodes in time

flexsds backend init --disk /dev/sdb --disk /dev/sdc

For NVMe kernel-bypass devices:

flexsds backend init --disk nvme://0000:04:00.0 --disk nvme://0000:33:00.0


flexsds backend destroy --force

Add Disk

flexsds backend add --disk nvme://0000:33:00.0

Remove Disk

flexsds backend remove --disk nvme://0000:33:00.0

Note, remove disk may result in cluster auto-recovery if there is any data on it.


Show disks added to the backend.

flexsds backend show

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