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Storage Pool Management

Storage Pool commands:

create, create a new storage pool in the FlexSDS storage cluster.

—name (-n), storage pool name
—copies (-c), data copies
—size (-s), optional, maximum size of the storage pool

flexsds stor_pool create —name all-flash-pool —copies 2

list, all storage pools in the cluster

parameters: none.
flexsds stor_pool list
The command will show like this:

Storage pool information will be shown in the list, include copies, capacity, allocated and so on. boot1, boot2 and boot3 will show each storage pool’s boot record object id, for 1 copies storage pool, will only boot1 available.

remove, remove the storage pool.

—name (-n), storage pool name for removing.

flexsds stor_pool remove —name all-flash-pool

Please note that storage pools are heavy component of the system, we do not recommend user to frequently create and remove storage pools.

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