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Storage nodes management

Here are node management commands:

list, list nodes in the FlexSDS storage cluster.

flexsds node list
will show all nodes in the FlexSDS storage cluster like this:

There should be always one node is leader.

add, add new node to the current FlexSDS storage cluster.

flexsds node add --id 4 --ip --port 1234
before to add node, the node must be installed FlexSDS software stack and the node must be deployed as cluster slave,please refer to Install and Deploy FlexSDS

Then user must specify the following parameters below:
—id (-i), the id must be unique in the cluster.
—ip (-t), the storage node’s transport IP address in the storage network.
—port (-p), the new node’s manage port.

After added a node, user can user node list command to check:

remove, remove an existing node from the FlexSDS storage cluster.

—id (-i) node id to be removed, for example:
flexsds node remove --id 4

User need only specify node id to remove a node.

Note, Add / Remove node is heavy operation for the storage cluster, user shouldn’t do those operation frequently unless if necessary. 

apply_license, install a license on a node or cluster.

—user (-u) registration user name.
—company (-c) registration company name.
—license (-l) license key.
flexsds node apply_license —user test —company test —license ******

license_info, display current node’s license information.

Parameters: None.
flexsds node license_info

Will show current license information like this:
License information:

The license may be Enterprise, Business, Trial (left days) or Expired etc.

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