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Nodes Management

Click Storage Management -> Nodes on the left navigation panel, the main interface of FlexSDS Scale-out storage will show all nodes already added in the cluster.

Click to select on node, the tab will show for the node.

General, Showing general information of the selected node, like machine name, manage portal, memory, license etc.

CPUs, Showing CPU core list and usage information, as FlexSDS software stack is working as polling mode, it will dedicatedly use a few CPU cores.

NICs, Showing NIC list and it’s information on the select node.

Disks, Showing kernel interface disks list like /dev/sda, /dev/nvme0n1.

NVMes, Showing NVMe disks only with NVMe path information.

Backends, Showing and managing disks in the selected node’s backend pool, please see Backend Disks Management chapter for more detail.

Logs, Showing recently logs in the node, the page will show only short part of logs, for detail log, please see /opt/flexsds/logs/ in the node.

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