Using command line iSER DEMO to test iSER target performance

From the package of us, there are few demo utils to create a single pooled storage to demonstrate storage features and performance. Through the way, you can quick preview the favorite features in minutes.

For iSER target, you may run the following command to start:

/opt/flexsds/bin/flexsds -d iser spool 2 nvme://0000:04:00.0 nvme://0000:05:00.0
outputs are:
found 1 ib devices
device0: mlx5_0, uverbs0, /sys/class/infiniband_verbs/uverbs0, /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0
copies: 2
create name space:…done.
iSCSI over RDMA service is started.

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